Norway: “if one man can show so much hate, imagine how much love we all can show together”

Norway: “If one man can show so much hate, imagine how much love we all can show together”

This post is dedicated to all my friends from Norway, with whom I have shared many experiences, intercultural activities and peace talks since I was a Junior Counselor in an interchange Mexico-Norway in 1998. I share the pain of the recent tragedy with them.

Although this tragedy is very hard to understand or explain, since it happened in one of the most developed countries and it was planned and carried out by a highly educated, socially and politically active person; it serves as a reminder that human evolution still has a big step to take.

It appears that Anders Behring Breivik had been planning his acts, and writing his 1,500 page political manifesto, for the past nine years. For part of that time, he had been enrolled in the populist rightwing Norwegian Progressive party, and served as head of the board in a local party branch. He was also a member of the Freemasons, and admitted to admiring the Knights Templar and crusaders and identifies with Christian fundamentalism.
So in paper, he seems like an intelligent man.. yet with enough hate to attempt to eradicate the heart of political life in a highly developed and peaceful country, and also to massacre 76 people in a youth camp.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Mother Theresa

It is about understanding, having empathy and avoiding to radically judge people, groups and different cultures. Even in the most develop societies judging and polarizing through slogans such as “Islamization” and “Christian” values can nourish fear and uncertainty which can translate into hate and violence.

In principle, it shouldn’t be so hard to answer to this question: How alike am I to you? However it has taken a lot of weapons, wars and blood for human kind to understand it. And it seems that we still don’t get it.

So when this kind of tragedy occurs in one of the most exemplifying countries, with one of the most developed societies and highly educated people; we are reminded that we still have an important step to take in the evolution of human kind.

Nevertheless we can take this as an opportunity. As one of Utoya survivors, a teenage girl said: “if one man can show so much hate, imagine how much love we all can show together”.

We have to answer to simple questions: Is the Universe a friendly place?

Einstein once said that that was one of the most important questions that a person could answer. The answer would determine his basic belief system and also much of his life. How could our world be if we didn’t have the need of fighting each other? Imagine…

I strongly believe in the goodness of human nature and that whenever we are able to answer to the question: How alike am I to you? we will be able to take the next great step in the evolution of mankind.

I believe that deep within us is good rather than bad. Human beings have the potential to be magnificent we just have to let our light shine.

We had ancestors 80,000 years ago who look quite alike to how we look today. However they were more primitive, they had the basic need to survive, they had the need to be more aggressive.

Maslow talked about the possibility to reach “the ultimate state of self actualization”

A state of total inner serenity, the ability to be interdependent and devoted to a good mission in life.

I don’t really think that it is natural for mankind to be aggressive I actually think that it is quite unnatural, inhuman. We are virtually all animals yet peace and living cooperatively is a more natural instinct. We just forget it.. still too often…

We have the great gift of having a free will:

We chose to be aggressive, we chose to be neurotic. Having all the basic needs fulfilled and necessary resources around us as it is the case in a country as evolved as Norway, we could chose better. Unfortunately in the world today we still too often forget this. We shouldn’t focus on what divide us but rather on what unite us.

We need to change the way that we think and the way that we raise our children. We need to be inner directed not outer. Change the: how much I have, how much it costs, how different it is… To instead: how alike am I to you, let’s take a look around us, appreciate the richness of nature, the simple things in life, be aware of our similarities and celebrate our differences, live with a good purpose and mission. Realize that the true richness is within our hearts.

What happened in Oslo is a reflection of one of the big tragedies of our times: we are fighting each other and piling up nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless I believe in evolution and that in few more generations we will realize that we cannot go on with this.

Norway is one of the countries that has given me the most love in a personal level. I have probably over 30 friends from that great country. They are quite ahead in many aspects of evolution.

So I think that this incident is one that will help them get further and I am sure that later on, they will help the world to answer the question: “how alike am I to you”


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UrielNorway: “if one man can show so much hate, imagine how much love we all can show together”

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  1. Elena Rose

    I believe that answer to all questions is LOVE. Agression is manifestation of insecurity, lack of love and misunderstanding. If people would listen and the most important hear each other, there would be less frustration and confusion.
    It is very sad to see, how anger could been collected for so many years.. One more time it shows that society should pay closer attention to cultural differences and try to find consensus.
    People should reconsider their values and what really matters in life. I agree, you have to see ” how I am alike to you?” we all are human, living on one planet, sharing one space of being.. There so many great values to be cultivated..

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