Lions: my personal aspirational symbol… :)

Lion painting by Uriel Alvarado Cancino 2009

“When you do things with all of your Soul it is hard to fail”

Lions as a symbol represent to me a combination of strength, courage, love, giving, persistence, self-control, balance, focus and compassion.

That is why I decided to paint an orange, red and blue Lion that is now on my wall in my room and is the picture of this post. I look at it every morning when I wake up and before going to sleep. It helps me build positive energy strength and inspiration. Sometimes I meditate while looking at it.

Life is all about being courageous, giving, understanding and fully embracing the abundance that surrounds us and the unlimited potential of human experience. There is space for much more than we can imagine.

Following one of my FAVORITE short stories about Lions:

Scarcity vs Abundance :):) Giving vs Expecting:

There is a hunter who is out in a Hunt and he is out to gather food. He went out there and he explored, and he explored he explored: he wanted to be a better hunter. He couldn’t figure out what to do because he couldn’t find anything.

So he was deciding to go home to his place and he was thinking.. People are going to think this: that i am not useful anymore that I am not a hunter and that I am not good anymore…

When he came to a clearing and there he saw a unicorn that was wounded. So he thought to himself oh lucky me I’ve got this wounded animal here, I can shoot it and I can bring it back and everyone will cheer and think: “WOW he caught a unicorn he caught this pure, wonderful unicorn. They are going to think so highly of me cause I will be able to feed the village and I will be able to show off.”

Then he started to feel sorry for it cause he saw that it was just laying there and it was twitching and moving, it needed substance… In this meditation he just sat down there and watched it.

When… All of a sudden the King of the jungle, a Lion came through the other side, the opening the clearing. The first thing that he thought was to shoot him and kill him cause it could attack him and kill him it could eat him up this POWER inside…

So he froze and he didn’t know what to do so he decided to be very very still and watch. With amazement he saw that the Lion carried food in his mouth and he brought it right up to the Unicorn and he dropped it. And walked away.
The hunter was amazed he had never seen this type of interaction before. So he decided to spend the night to watch again next day.. Same thing happened and he watched as this unicorn became stronger and stronger.

Until… one day he woke up in the morning and the unicorn was gone. So he thought wow I want to be like the unicorn: the universe brings to those that are needy.

So he said I am going to do what the unicorn did. He laid there and nothing happened days went by weeks went by.. He became so hungry and so malnutritioned so he found that when he tried to move he couldn’t… he felt the desperation.

He was about on the verge of passing out when he heard a noise and he thought to himself this is it the Lion has come.
He opened his eyes… and there was the Unicorn and he said: “I don’t get it what happened where is this Lion? I modeled you as what the universe brought to you.”

The unicorn looked at him and he laughed… “You silly fool if you wanted to model anyone you should have modeled the lion” :) -Eric V.S.

Lions as an animal are cool.. I like the way they stand and protect their territory with strength yet self control and balance. As animated characters… I really enjoyed some of the recent movies where Lions appeared such as Narnia and the Lion King just to mention a two….. :)

The lion has many valuable lessons to teach us and these lessons remain the symbols that they are associated with: self-control, personal strength, courage and balance.

Last but not least… my dad’s sign is Leo. I have learnt a lot from his leadership and courage. This is one of my favorite phrases that I’ve heard him say: “When you do things with all of your Soul it is hard to fail” –Ignacio Alvarado Rodriguez 1996, when he was the CEO of a Mexican insurance company during an annual town hall meeting to which me and my siblings were invited.

Besides my dad, there have been other key Leo’s in my life who have shown me the value of unconditional love ☺ I don’t need to mention them, they know who they are.

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Ignacio Alvarado Rodriguez

In my ranch in Mexico with my dad and my sister

Lions as a Symbol:

The lion as a symbol is one of the most powerful animals and appropriately laden with rich meaning, the lion is synonymous with the Sun, and such is best personified as Leo, the Zodiac sign that has the great golden star as its ruler. The lion even looks like the Sun, with its tawny coat and shaggy golden mane.

The lion is the totem animal of kings and emperors, of apollo, of Mithras, of Christ, of Krishna, of the Buddha. Its counterpart, the eagle, is called the Lion of the Skies.

Christ is known as the Lion of Judah, and Mohammed’s son-in-law, Ali, who acted as mediator between the Prophet and the people, was called the Lion of Allah. Krishna is known as the “Lion among Wild Creatures” and the Buddha is the “Lion of the Shakyas.”

The lion, with its shaggy halo of a mane, might seem to be the ultimate personification of male energy. However there are female deities who share the attributes of the lion, and the lioness is a ferociously protective mother. Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess, has the head of a lion when she appears in the aspect of Destroyer. Cybele, the Phrygian Earth Mother, rides in a chariot pulled by lions, and the lion as well as the bee, was sacred to her.

There isa negative side, however, to the great power of the lion. It is not accident that the collective noun for a group of lions is a “pride,” and the sin of pride is said to be the negative aspect of the Zodiac sign of Leo. Further, power can lead to curruption unless there is an awareness of moral and ethical values. The male lion can also be a symbol of laziness, and it is a well-known fact that the lioness is the one who does he majority of the hunting and cub-care.

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UrielLions: my personal aspirational symbol… :)

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