Your Challenges are your Gifts from the World

As we travel through our journey and pursue our goals we encounter great challenges. These challenges can seem at times OUT of reach, putting us in a situation in which a feeling of hopelessness can arise.

This exact moment is critical: is it worth the effort? What if I fail?

The answer is always YES, HERE and NOW it is always worth the effort. We’ve got to offer each of our actions and efforts to the universe wrapped together with our best vibes.

This is your life, every single moment of it, action, thought and emotion. There is no later, it is happening now.

This is your journey surprising at times seemingly threatful but you have to enjoy it: every hum, challenge and effort. Every one of your actions and reactions are your gifts to the world. While every one of your challenges are your gifts from the world.

Fear is your final excuse don’t fight it, love through it

When you center yourself and lose the hope, you lose the fear too. You become completely aligned with the direction of the universe and it is then when miracles happen. You are not alone in your journey, the universe surrounds you and it has prepared the challenges, which only you can face.

You’ve gotta keep moving for as hard as it might seem because it is only when mixing faith and courage that no matter what challenges appear, it is impossible to fail.

The goal is the journey

Your effort is what strengthens your spirit, even if you cannot cross the final goal. It is only then when we realize that the goal is the journey. Once we reach this state, it is easy to understand that the biggest wealth is already inside of our hearts and surrounding us.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life: this thought can only be understood from inside our hearts: a positive, abundant, expanding and beautiful universe surround us. In that state what matters the most are our values and the people around us who share and feel our efforts through our journey.

Whenever you feel hopeless hug yourself and promise that you will do your best, the rest is for the universe to decide. You will however realize that when you do something with all of your soul, it is impossible to fail.

Do not let fear paralyze you. Remember to smile, laugh and learn because it is in our challenges where we find our biggest gifts.

The story of Libero: What is the feeling of a baby turtle facing the ocean? What is its goal?

This post is dedicated to “Libero” a small Acapulquian turtle. We had the honor to accompany Libero in Acapulco Mexico, as he took his first steps towards the immense ocean in the last days of 2011.

In the immense ocean just like each of us in our daily lives, he will also face it’s own challenges: only about 5 out of 200 sea turtles that are born, survive.

We send our best vibes to Libero wishing him to enjoy each of his challenges and to learn how to fully experience life.






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UrielYour Challenges are your Gifts from the World

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