Magical Lessons for Intergalactic Beings

3 Magical Lessons for Intergalactic Beings

Don’t be afraid! If you were able to do it once you can do it again and better :)

This post is dedicated to Azul, Marcos and Pepe Gordillo because through painting, stories, metaphors and laughter they taught me some essential values that remind me every day about the magic in life.

Life is full of magic. It is up to us to realize it. Magic arrises when we are being ourselves, feeling secure, happy, aligned, and flowing with the universe. We are all interconnected beings not only among us but with nature, animals, stars and even colors and music. There is a perfect integration of everything in our universe that can make us seem magical. When we freely flow and allow our creativity to happen colors turn into paintings, notes into music, actions into faith and smiles into laughter. This energy and flow is contagious causing a chain of effects ultimately resulting in collective result that seems normally unattainable.

We are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success… lets act like it!

Three basic ingredients

1.    Context

In Azul’s studio every little object, smell, sound, color and action has a reason to be.

The paintings on the wall, the pre-Hispanic objects, the kitchen sink, the tables the plants in the garage, the theater curtains, etc.

Alone they would just seem to be objects but these objects are not just accumulated they all have a soul and a story.

These objects together with Azul’s and Marcos’ actions and words become alive and give the children, who participate in their lessons the context in which magic can happen.

2. Confidence and values

Magical actions can only be created by having respect, integrity, clear values and being confident to act. One of my biggest learnings in life was in Azul and Pepe’s studio during one of their lessons. I was painting a turtle and it was coming along very well I just had to draw the last line that will surround its shell when I suddenly stopped by the fear of ruining my work.

I can still recall the vibration and tone of Azul’s voice saying: “Don’t be afraid! If you were able to do it once you can do it again and better :)”. I finished the turtle and it came out very well. This seemingly simple little teaching is key in life.

Many times as adults we face moments in which we need to renew ourselves, go out of out comfort zones and act with confidence following our values. It is important to remember that no one is forcing us to do anything, we choose our actions and if we managed to do something once we can do it again and better. Our values is what will keep us aligned and in harmony with our context and will let things flow in a seemingly magical way.

3. Imagination and laughter

Life is simple. It is about laughing, imagining, acting, dreaming, sharing. It is about perceiving Love, Sex and the Universe as natural and friendly.

In Azul’s theater acts we learnt about life through metaphors. We laughed about problems, we learnt to perceive love and sex as natural elements of life.

We were aloud and encouraged to discuss, share feelings, laugh and imagine anything we liked. Embracing the world as something simple and friendly. Albert Einstein once said that the most important question a human being can ask is “Is the universe friendly?” In Azul and Pepe’s theater we were constantly reminded that it is indeed a friendly place.

I now keep these lessons flowing in my heart and outside their studio. Surrounded by the universe as a context, I do my best to stay confident, follow my values, to be in harmony with everything around and try laughing and letting my imagination flow everyday.

If you ever feel out of balance: laugh, remember who you are and stay confident. Because it is in our biggest challenges that we receive our biggest gifts … And don’t be afraid! Because if you managed to do it once, you can always do it again!


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UrielMagical Lessons for Intergalactic Beings

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