An expression of affection can disarm the hardest heart: a small chocolate heart can multiply the energy around us :)

Every one of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions has, even if very subtle, a positive or negative energy consequence.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a little more positive energy to share with your family, your friends and the people that you randomly meet, how significantly would that change your life and their days for the better?

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An expression of affection can disarm the hardest heart…

Yes, yes, it is true… I recently proved this concept in a very practical way during my Easter holiday trip to Russia and Latvia… you know that sometimes people living in big cities can have hard/rough hearts :)?

My friend Rafael Casado had a fantastic idea that we had to test. This idea was not a surprise to me since Rafa is an expert at playing with reality and creatively changing the context when we travel.

As we were preparing for our journey to Riga and Moscow… Rafa told me “lets buy a big bag of chocolate coins and give them around the streets to beggars, homeless people, people in the subway, receptionists, etc. Lets give them a golden chocolate coin when they ask us for money, without having any expectations and lets see what happens.”

Unfortunately we were not able to find in any shop that sold golden chocolate coins, but Fortunately, since it was Easter, were able to buy a bag full of red shiny metallic chocolate hearts ☺.

So as we continued our journey each one of us carried 3-4 chocolate hearts in our pockets to be ready to give them to people. We had the opportunity to offer them to: beggars, receptionists, waiters, taxi drivers, homeless people… And even to pretty girls … ;)

This is how we did it: we placed the chocolate heart in our palms and gave it to people when they least expected it. Or we placed them in our palms asked the person to close their eyes and open them to find the heart…

The result was AMAZING! A big change of attitude and energy: a before and after … Even the most serious people opened up, they laughed and many times they blushed.. It visibly changed their day :) an amazing transformational phenomenon. No doubts that.. An expression of love can open even the hardest heart :)

People always reacted positively even when they were expecting something else and instead received a small chocolate heart. A girl broke it in half and gave me a chocolate kiss ;) When Rafa was checking in to fly back from Moscow to Copenhagen.. he gave it to the girl in the check-in counter, who seemed in a bad mood.. the result??? She sent him in back to Denmark in business class…. the biggest ROI. It changes everything!

Many times we rush through our lives without pausing to consider the impact that we can have with every thought, emotion, word and action. Nonetheless, we have far more power over our energy than we ordinarily realize. The more we take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world, the more positive and empowered our surroundings become.

How valuable would it be to bring more positive energy to every one of our actions? how would it affect your relationships and the quality of the time that you spend with people around you?

… Sometimes it is difficult for us to receive, we tend to think that when someone gives us something they are expecting something in return…

I invite you to share this story around and surprise people with a chocolate golden coin, a smile or a chocolate heart. Lets hope that we are soon surprised or disarmed by a small chocolate heart too.

Do you still feel skeptical about my story?

Let’s read it from Gandhi’s own words :)  and from a story with a much larger impact and scale:

“I do not think that the sufferings of Pastor Niemoeller and others have been in vain. They have preserved their self-respect intact. They have proved that their faith was equal to any suffering. That they have not proved sufficient for melting Herr Hitler’s heart merely shows that it is made of a harder material than stone. But the hardest metal yields to sufficient heat. Even so must the hardest heart melt before sufficiency of the heat of non-violence. And there is no limit to the capacity of non-violence to generate heat.

Every action is a resultant of a multitude of forces even of a contrary nature. There is no waste of energy. So we learn in the books on mechanics. This is equally true of human actions. The difference is that in the one case we generally know the forces at work, and when we do, we can mathematically foretell the resultant. In the case of human actions, they result from a concurrence of forces of most of which we have no knowledge. But our ignorance must not be made to serve the cause of disbelief in the power of these forces. Rather is our ignorance a cause for greater faith. And non-violence being the mightiest force in the world and also the most elusive in its working, it demands the greatest exercise of faith. Even as we believe in God in faith, so have we to believe in non-violence in faith.”

-Gandhi on the train to Bardoli, January 2, 1939


Share this story, a chocolate, or a smile now :) !


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UrielAn expression of affection can disarm the hardest heart: a small chocolate heart can multiply the energy around us :)

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