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Brand values

As a consequence of the globalization, many product- and service categories have been commoditized due to the diminishing difference between companies and their offerings. A parameter like for instance “quality” is within many industries no longer a mean for differentiation (David A. Aaker, 2007) as the quality standard has leveled out along with the maturity of the product categories.

As most brands claim to have best quality and additionally are perceived by consumers to have reached a certain equal level, consumers and companies are looking for other means of differentiation.

In this relation brands have sought to identify with values that relate to their target market and are common to the corresponding communities. These are communicated through the company’s touchpoints and represented in different ways in different national/cultural contexts38 and represent values
such as safety, style, status and service. In order to craft a strong connection between the brand and customers, values poses a great advantage of creating this through an emotional attachment.

Within the service paradigm, the perceived brand values are dependent on the behavior of the employees, attracting or repelling stake-holders. (Ind, 2001). As values drive behavior it is essential that the desired brand values are successfully communicated and internalized by employees to ensure appropriate brand supporting behavior. (Gotsi & Wilson, 2001) In this relation do the HR function play an important role, as particular HR activities help transmit brand values to employees and encourage their “buy in” (Chernatony & Cottam 2006). This view is central to Virgin where the HR   department plays a central role in ensuring value-alignment. The company is foremost hiring the people that share the values of the brand (Shaw & Ivens, 2002).

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